Friday, October 17

Film: Burn After Reading Click for more info

Between George Clooney and Brad Pitt there was no way I would be avoiding this film any time soon, not if the company I keep had anything to do with it. The point is that I've never quite seen the appeal of a Coen brothers film (well not since the awesome Fargo anyway) so wasn't really expecting much tonight.

Which was lucky since Burn After Reading turned out to be a pretty dry one and a half hours after all. That's not to say that it wasn't completely void of entertainment - there were a few scenes and plot mechanisms spliced throughout the deep characters and and intertwining plot arcs, all of which were genuinely enjoyable. There just wasn't quite enough to keep the film going through the other, not so good, bits.

The film was technically well accomplished though - the acting was superb and it was written and directed brilliantly too, all of which makes the whole thing even more disappointing. If the makers had concentrated on the fun as much as the production I'd have little doubt that this would have been a brilliant film, but as it stands I can't really see the appeal.