Sunday, October 26

New Music

The Album - Alyssia

Having already appeared on some ace PHS songs, the sweet vocalist now has her own album. Granted her solo efforts aren't as catchy as Pyar Hogiya or Deewana (both on this album along side the Desiton remix of Pyar Hogiya), but there are some good tracks and covers in there anyway. Aaja Mahiya, Tera Pyar and of course Yeh Vaada Raha stand out.

Aag - Ms Scandalous feat Alyssia

Alyssia again, this time teaming up with Ms Scandalous on a track from the latter's new album. Not too sure if I like this as much as her stuff from Ladies First but it'll do for now. Oh and it turns out that these two have collaborated before on a previously underrated yet awesome track called Spread Love.

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  1. Her music is great, Tera Pyaar is another fav.