Sunday, October 12

The Revolution Continues Click for more info

When a friend suggested we check out this new collection of work from new Chinese artists, I knew I had to go. China is always somewhere I've wanted to go, partly due to some of the friends I've had the chance to hang with but also because it contributes so much to the world be in terms of population, geography, ideas or culture. This was also a chance to visit the Saatchi Gallery, a free to visit gallery down on King's Road.

Some of the work was pretty good - since the theme was laid across artists and genres, there was a good mix of sculpture, painting, literal and abstract art - in fact there was at least something for everyone to enjoy. My favourites included Old Person's Home if only for the technical feat, Angel for the imagery and Chinese Portrait P Series 2006 for the vibrancy.

The website has full details of what was on offer, but since The Saatchi Gallery has made its collection so accessible I'd recommend you spend a few hours to check it out yourselves. A nice way to spend a Sunday morning, I thought.