Tuesday, October 7

A Whole New Age Bracket To Tick

Facebook status updates and twitterings aside, turning thirty isn't really that big a deal for me. I've been telling everyone that I was thirty since my last birthday and so have kinda gotten used to it already; in fact in some ways I'll be gaining a year this time around (yeah yeah, I realise that's a bit of a stretch, but it's my birthday so just give me a break okay?).

More importantly though, since The Plan has been in total tatters for a good two years now there's been no feeling of failure that I haven't already dealt with previously. Although I was supposed to have gotten that Ferrari by now...

Still it would be naive to think that such a two-less round number can't have some kind of negative effect on my psyche. I won't dwell too much on the perception of rishta-aunties and that dreaded shelf since that's not something I can control myself. Physically though I have noticed that my hair has suddenly receded a bit (suddenly deciding to prop up in other weird places instead), my metabolism has suddenly slowed while those damned crows have suddenly stamped their feet all over my face.

It seems that what little looks I had to rely on have now totally expired and thus from now on I must turn exclusively to my personality to attract people instead.


Still, at least turning thirty means I can finally call in all those promises of marriage made by those friends who said they'd take me if no one else would by today's date. I don't think it matters that they've all managed to move on and get married themselves - a deal is a deal after all. Keep an eye on your mailboxes folks, you know who you are.

Finally a big thanks to all those who took the time out to wish me well. No matter how I feel or don't feel on this day it's always good to know there are people around me who care enough to drop a line, some as early as 4am. Especially appreciated are the messages from those who happen to be older than me anyway.

EDIT: So I spent the whole day indoors at home, saw no one but my parents, yet had one of my best birthdays ever. A friend told me I'd remember the day I turned thirty and I think they just might be absolutely right.


  1. >> those damned crows have suddenly stamped their feet all over my face.

    aww. i have HEARD RoC skinscare products are v.good.. click here for more info.

    happy buffday, btw!

  2. 50 is the new 30!

  3. Erm... you insisted you were 28 any time you spoke to me...