Monday, September 25

A Tip for Sehri

The first few fasts of Ramadhan always give me a bit of a headache (literally) as my body becomes accustomed to the dehydration throughout the day. So here's a trick I've been using for the past few years. It's a bit late now but if you're still having trouble give it a go, or save it for next year.

For the first couple of fasts, take some painkillers with whatever you usually your fast with. I use ibuprofen, but anything will do and take them even if you're feeling ok at the time. For some reason, medical or psychosomatic, my initial fasts aren't as bad when I do this. After two or three fasts, you can drop them since your body should have acclimatised to the lack of water by then.

Oh and while we're here, avoid citrus fruits for Sehri. Maybe it's just me, but they're totally parching.


  1. wouldnt u call that cheating in a way? Other people around the world dont have it as easy as us. They may have to work in harsh weather conditions, do physical labor, not even have enough to eat for sahoor, etc... Over here, we get ta sit aroudn in a/c'd buildings, forgo walking or any physical activities if we please, etc... and I think that the least we could do is suffer a headache.

    salaams :)

  2. Dear MnM310, its not really cheating is it? After all Ramadan isn't supposed to be a month of inflicting suffering on ourselves. We are asked to observe rituals of abstaining from food and drink between certain hours, but at the same time to protect ourselves and look after our health and well-being. Its all about balance, sense and wisdom more than sheer suffering, I think. I feel ramadan is more about improving ourselves and remembering, and to achieve on these through observing the disciplines of self-control, patience and natural patterns. I agree that others may suffer more, but not sure its the point for us to mirror others' suffering. On the contrary, we should aim to reduce theirs.

    ma salaama


  3. salaams MC,

    Actually u make a good point. I agree that Ramadan isn't about making yourself suffer and instead its a time to reflect on others' suffering. So I guess, shak, you can take ur ibuprofien to make ur fast easier :)