Wednesday, September 13

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Some staff were invited to have a lifestyle and health assessment at work today. My appointment was at 14:40, which doesn't mean anything till you realise that I had to fast for six hours beforehand. Man, I was starving.

Anyway, it was pretty much the same as what you get when registering with a GP; blood tests and pressure, fitness assessments, body measurements - things like that. I was pretty satisfied with my results - I have a normal and acceptable weight for once, and everything was pretty much better than average and of low risk. The running and regular exercise probably have something to do with these results, although the square meals and lack of snacking probably helps too. Vindicated at last!

I was really happy with my (lack of) cholesterol, and surprised at my above average PEF (a test used to measure how fast air can be exhaled from the lungs) result. Oh, and I have a waist-to-hip ratio that would be the envy of any woman. Although I probably shouldn't be gloating about that last one too much...

I did have some work to do regarding my diet though; more fruit (if I want to avoid vegetables) and oily fish, although apparently for the latter I can just take Omega 3+6 supplements instead. Pretty simple stuff so I'll get on that straight away.

So good news overall. I'm glad that I'm relatively fit and healthy, especially since I wasn't always as such, but also since it means that I don't have to change my current lifestyle too much.