Tuesday, September 5

Distressing Damsels

On approaching Victoria Tube this evening two girls caught my eye. No, not 'cos of that (well not this time anyway) but more because they were each struggling with a suitcase, trying to get them down the stairs to the main ticketing hall.

Now, I don't claim to be a gentleman or anything, but I do help out with this kind of stuff because a) I'm not losing anything by doing so and b) I hate it when stupid dumbass women tourists carrying more shoes and makeup than they can obviously handle clog up the Tube system. So I did what I usually do and offered to take one down for them (since together they would manage the other one; after all they should have to work a little at least).

Since I carry a satchel over my right shoulder I was forced to use my left for the suitcase. No dice. This thing was at least 30kg - possibly more. And I'm not a big guy; I wouldn't say I'm particularly weak, but I do lack a bit of balance with objects bigger than I am. Yes, it was definitely an "oh crap, what have I gotten myself into" moment.

Still, I had committed to helping and what little pride I have forced me to follow through. I had to use both hands and managed to get to the bottom of the stair with some effort but thankfully without further incident. My back may tell me differently tomorrow though.

But that's not the end of the story. No, you see, there was someone waiting at the bottom of the stairs for these two ladies. A male someone. Whether he was anything more than just a friend to them I don't know, but regardless of the nature of his relationship with them I did feel slightly cheated into doing his job on his behalf. Honestly, the nerve of it all - and he was making no moves to help with the remaining suitcase But hey, by then I didn't care.

Still at least he agreed when I told him how heavy the suitcase was. Yeh, cheers buddy.


  1. haha :)

    just hope the girls were fit enough to make it all worth while

  2. haha shallow? well @ least the back pain would have been KIND of worth it if they were hot.

    but where the hell were u when i was moving this wkend! :O

  3. as we'd say in bombay: