Saturday, September 9

A School Wedding

Most of today was spent in the celebrating of Shopna's marriage. I've known her for over a year now, since I became a teacher at ICSS; in fact this was the first ICSS wedding I was going to, and I thought that it was going to be interesting for that reason alone. Most of ICSS is perpetually single, so when one of us breaks free it really is something worth shouting about. And of course it goes without saying that it couldn't happen to a nicer bird. Erm, I mean girl.

I cant remember the last Sylheti wedding I went to, but this one at least was normal Asian fare. Actually, no, I take that back - today was quite efficiently done, with Shops arriving early (as in, you know, before the time written on the invitation), the groom not too late and the food being served at a decent hour. Talking of food, we were all well provided for: the starters and desserts (yes, that's plural) were especially yum. The venue it self was pretty nice too, even though it was a really a leisure centre during the day.

As I mentioned above, this was an ICSS wedding and so most of the school teachers were there. It was strange being part of a largish group (I think that there was twenty of us or so altogether) and yet belong to neither family or lifelong friends. It's like we were in social limbo - we didn't know anyone who wasn't school, and yet we were large enough to be an important part of the guest list. But perhaps I'm not explaining it properly or maybe it was just me; it certainly doesn't seem that unusual now that I've written it down.

Anyway, the hall was chucking us out before we realised what had happened. It went so fast, and yet I got back to my house by 7:30pm - pretty late considering that it was a lunch wedding (although admittedly we did make a pit-stop on the way home). I guess time flew as we all had fun.

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