Saturday, September 16

Food: Spizzico Restaurant Click for more info

Here's an Italian restaurant with a twist. Serving the usual pizzas and pastas in a very plush and clean seating area, Spizzico also offered Nachos, Fajitas and some other very out-of-place dishes on its menu.

We grabbed some Nachos with our more regular pasta mains. After a "healthy" wait the food arrived and my Tortelloni was above average. Portions were generous too, with only one of the four there managing to finish what they had ordered.

The bill surprised us, coming to just above a tenner for a meal with just water. So yes, a pretty nice place and one to bear in mind if ever you're in, ahem, Barnet.

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  1. ahh ur making me hungry & I loveeeeeee nachos! Haven't had good mexican food since leaving cali :(

    ~ m ~