Wednesday, September 27

Some Side-Effects of Fasting

Of course there are the usual symptoms of hunger, thirst and headaches, but as Ramadhan in the UK moves into the summer and the days grow longer I'm beginning to notice other things happening to me as the lack of food and water takes it toll.

  • Firstly, there's the diminishing ability to think toward the end of a working day. I can actually feel myself slowing down, eventually ending up just gaping at the screen in front of me. I'm doing it right now (and so, please, excuse the lack of composure during this post).
  • Blinksleep increases. Blinksleeping is what I use to describe the surreal experience of closing your eyes for what you think is only a few seconds when really it's been a much longer period of time - sometimes hours. For instance, on my Tube journey home I now believe that Liverpool Street and Leytonstone are immediately next to each other. Check a map to see why that's strange; I haven't been conscious between those two stations for days now.
  • I can no longer walk in a straight line. Crazy, but I had to actually try to do this today. And I failed too.
  • I'm now (even more) incoherent. I'm not the most verbally articulate person anyway, but now words can't seem to leave my mouth without transforming into some weird made up language. And the fact some of my mates are in the same position makes for hilarious phone calls:
    Them: "Mahhuufhss"
    Me: "What??"
    Them: "How are you?"
    Me: "Oh right. Yeh, I'm good. Ggggjasaa!"
    Them: "What??"
    Me: "What are you doing tonight?"
    Them: "Oh. Think I'll try JJJEEE$$2894@@@"

    At which point I usually hang up.
  • The smell. Since there's little water in my system, my sweat is heavy on the chemicals. I try not to wave my arms about when I'm with people and, sometimes, I even catch myself gagging. But remember, this isn't BO, oh no; this is Manly Smell.
Who said fasting was just about being hungry?

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  1. haha manly smell?! wut do u call it when a girls got it then?

    and The Big O, lol @ 'reserves' hahaha. yea shak maybe u should load up right b4 ramadan ;)