Wednesday, September 13

On The Radio, Again

So I was asked to go on the radio this morning (AN, naturally) to talk about Roald Dahl. Now, I'm not the biggest fan, but I had time to prepare so I accepted the invite. Unlike the Friday Forum I went on, this was gonna be over the phone and not in the studio.

Like yesterday with the crime thing, I mainly considered this more practise with public speaking. After all, on the radio you are addressing thousands of people at the same time so it does take some kind of gutso to do it without messing up. I didn't talk that much but I think I did alright, although my co-guest Gos (yes, the one from Big Brother) totally stole my lines and said everything I wanted to say. Still, c'est la vie.

Like I said, I not as much a fan as some people I know, but I do have fond memories of his books (especially of The Twits, which surprise, surprise was both Anita and Gos's favourite too) and everything else I kinda blagged.

With regards to the public speaking part, I seem to have gotten over some of the issues I have with my nerves, although I did relapse a bit toward the middle - pretty much like I had done last night at that crime forum. The erming and ahhing have reduced although not completely and there were times when I had no idea where I was going. Still, there has been noticeable progress so at least I know the practise is doing something. I think that having a good night's sleep helps too!