Friday, September 8

Striking While the Iron is Hot

It took me ages to think of that title, so I hope that you all appreciate it.

I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and since we decided that it was a suit rather than traditional thing, I needed a shirt to wear. These I have, washed and ready, but since I hardly wear shirts ironing is usually deferred to when I actually need them. Like now. See the irony[1]?

Just to be straight here, I have ironed a shirt before, just not when the house is empty and when I have a blog to record it.

So anyway, I'm assuming that thirty minutes on a single shirt is 27 minutes too much, but apart from the lack of speed I think that I managed well (there are no burn marks, for instance). It wasn't completely straightforward though; it was like a 3D logic puzzle at times, and I was there for ages trying to flatten a surface that just wouldn't sit on the board smoothly so that I could iron it crease free.

I finally figured out why an ironing board is shaped as it is (clever...), and how and when to use the steam button. I'm also glad that there are standard iron heat setting symbols, since I wouldn't have a clue about temperature otherwise. Oh, and yes, the house is still standing just in case you're wondering.

So this kinda marks the last big domestic chore I had left to cover and prove that I could do. I now have the full set and am, able to handle any kind of housework thrown at me. Well, in theory anyway. I mean, if I was to iron regularly I think I'd have to work on that half-hour-per-shirt thing at the very least.

[1] Yes, I realise that there's actually not that much irony there at all. I just wanted to use the word in this post. Sue me.

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