Tuesday, September 12

Irony Is...

... Finding your car broken into after leaving a forum on local crime. I was so amused I didn't even get that angry.

They did it in the same way as last time, and simply pried out the door lock (probably with a screwdriver) and pulled on a wire in order to unlock the doors. It still amazes me how easy it is to do, and it's definitely something that's put me off Suzuki - I'm beginning to think that they're targeted now.

Unlike last time, nothing was taken; we've learned not to keep anything of value in the vehicle since then. So it's just the damage I have to deal with, which is annoying more than anything else. The metal around the lock barrel is torn and bent, and last time it took quite a lot of body repair work to get it back to looking half decent. I would have much preferred them smashing a window or something, since at least that's easy to repair. They didn’t even have the courtesy to stick with the same door as last time.

Perhaps I should just leave the car unlocked now - like I said there's nothing of value in there anymore, so I'll be saving myself costs on fixing my doors. And that feeling seems to have been vindicated by the officer I had reported the crime to: she advised me to empty my glove box and leave it open in order to quash the curiosity of would be criminals. Great, eh?


  1. you should have bought a honda jazz

  2. [haha..irony @ its height. I couldnt help but laugh, although i am sorry you were burglarized!