Monday, September 4

Fall Season 2006

It's September, and that means that the US telly season begins anew. Despite my best efforts and promises to do otherwise, I'm watching more shows than ever.

The strange thing is that I'd be the first to admit that a lot of what I watch is pretty poor. Take Lost for example. Now this really is a crap series, the ultimate manifestation of how television is purely to lure viewers to subscription and ad-watching. And it's also something I can't stop watching.

Then you have OTH and The OC. Objectively neither is the best example of good television, but both appeal to my affinity for teen drama. Desperate Housewives was good, but now seems to be running out of steam; this might even be the last season I watch. Oh, and don't get me started on Smallville.

Still it's not all bad. After a few average seasons, 24 has returned to the excellence it showed in Seasons 1 and 2. The same goes for ER, and I'm glad I stuck with it through its bad times although I think they should think about putting it to rest soon (it's been on since I was 15 for heaven's sake). Family Guy is the best animated series ever, while Prison Break concentrates on providing pure entertainment (even if it can be a bit cheap at times).

In this season are Grey's Anatomy (too many people, including the friend who first introduced me to PB, have recommended this for me to ignore now), House (I've not related as much to a character for a looong time) and Veronica Mars (and not just 'cos I fancy Kristen Bell, it really is good).

Out are Alias (ended at the right time in my opinion) and Smallville (yes, I know I've been promising that for a long time). I'd love to place Lost in there too but I know I'm too weak to back that up.

So anyway I'm officially in do not disturb mode for the next eight months and if I happen blow you off, don't take it too personally. Television is very demanding, dontcha know.


  1. Anonymous12:57

    lol I watched both seasons of House MD in 2 days. Foreman's such a moron. Gripping stuff. I hear the West Wing's even better (less repetitive).


  2. I know what you mean, Shak..

    No one sees me much anyways!! I'm about to become a hermit yet again..

    OTH.. 23 days!! OMG!! =|

    I'm starting off Grey's Anatomy/Gilmore Girls/24/Lost/House - all from season one!

    I really won't be seen. =D

  3. omg. woosh to everything everything else.

    but how canyou..JUST how can you say bye to smallville? to tom welling??