Friday, September 17

Texting Culture

I don't understand why people text message. No, let me clarify: I don't understand why people have conversations over text messages. I mean it's barmy:

A: wher r u? a xxx
B: in shp bying top its pink b xxx
A: wich shp? a xxx
B: topshp wher r u?
A: wanna meet?
B: wher r u?
A: ok ill c u ther?
B: wher r u? ok bye b xxx

My head woulda exploded long before that. Apart from being the most inefficient way of communicating it's also bloody expensive - the above exchange woulda cost 96p on some networks, and taken at least 3 minutes to complete. However if A had chosen to call B instead it would have taken (and let's face it, they're both gonna be girls) 10-15 seconds - I'll let you work out how much that costs in real money.

I'd say that these people just don't like talking to each other, but we know that's just not true. They'll say its easier and more convenient, but I'm not even gonna humour those.

But hey, if they want to waste their money, who am I to stop them? It's 'cos of these people that I get to have a new phone every couple of years...

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