Tuesday, September 21

I Have The Power To Change Lives

I've just been asked to take two interviews over the next two days - apparently I'm a .NET expert (or something). Now I've never had to do this kinda thing before (and I still think I'm not the most appropriate person to) so I'm struggling to decide exactly how I should approach it.

Should I be the nice guy? We all hate interviews after all - maybe I should start a new trend and give the candidate a break? Or should I be tough but fair and put him through what we all have to at some point? Or vindictive, paying this person back for all the bad interviews I've had in the past?

I think I'll just wing it and be obtuse if he turns out to be a dick, or easy going if she happens to be attractive. Just kidding. (But seriously.)

Anyway, I'll probably post tomorrow how it all pans out.

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