Sunday, September 26

Film: Collateral Click for more info

Better than I thought, actually. I hated Heat, so was expecting more of the same over actionated pap... But was pleasantly surprised to watch a film with balance. My respect for Tom seems to grow each time I watch one of his films (Note to self: watch Samurai again).


  1. so you rated it? excellent!

  2. So, Heat was indeed pap, but the film it was a remake of, LA Takedown (also written and directed by Michael Mann), was fantastic. Seems De Niro and Pacino (both of whom are great actors, a class or four above Cruise) managed to fluff it up. Remember Manhunter (the original Red Dragon)? Fantastic film. Now remake it with Anthony Hopkins (whose name we are unworthy to speak aloud) and somehow it's mediocre.

    So too I thought for collateral. Good story, though lost it a bit towards the end when *avoids spoilers* it became more reminiscent of hammer horror. Chase them chase them *yawn*.
    Though, to me at least, the great direction and cinematography (the bright lights/ loss of focus/ music score/ fast-slow tempo was a great combination) only just managed to carry Tom Cruise's acting which was completely wooden. He's playing a emotionless sociopathic killer .... and managed to do this with zero depth. Appropriate perhaps, but in the few moments when we see his character emerge in the script I wanted to cringe at Tom's acting.

    Jamie Fox (sp?) as Max completely put him to shame. Kudos if you remember where you've seen him before.

    And that lawyer chick was hot.