Thursday, September 30

So Hungry... (A Reprise)

Two birthdays in a row. What are the odds[1]? Still, today they were just Generic Cake #5s, so I prolly wouldn't have been able to eat them anyway.

Still, grr.

[1]Figure of speech, guys. Put your calculators away.


  1. LOL

    OOOhhhh someone fell out the wrong side of bed!

    We can moan or do whatever we like .. it's our blogg so NER!

    You don't like it then no one is forcing you to read it

    Have a good day


  2. goldie, i wouldnt take it personally like our friend shak did.

    becasue when you talk about a woman the way his friend did - well, no, we shouldnt be offended/insulted or neither should we defend/attack him becasue we know, unlike shak, that he isnt referring to someones mum, sister, niece, friend etc etc.

    am i right?

  3. Sorry Mochano. you were unfairly the meat in the middle because i dont think the attack on this page is related in any way to you. i think the culprit is one of your fellow blog members.

  4. dan(?)/mochano,

    thats cool. so do we.

    (aka the "odd bunch") ;-)