Friday, September 10

New Music

Lots today, and (gasp) some even in English:

Tera Mera Pyar - Tera Mera Pyar
The title track from the compilation album of the same name. More of the romantic ballad nonsense that I seem to enjoy so much, although this may appeal to a wider audience. Oh, and the video has almost conviced me to visit the cinema on my own.

Yeh Kya Hua - Tera Mera Pyar
Track 2 from the same album, this time sung with a female voice. The strength here is in the music rather than the words - it's a throwback to the old style of bolly songs rather than the updated stuff we hear nowadays.

I'm still going through the rest of the album, but I haven't heard anything of interest so far. I'll keep you posted.

Ready To Go - Republica
Not really much to say about revisiting this classic anthem.

This Love - Maroon 5
Released while I was in Bangladesh, so I've only managed to get it now. Swingy, comprehensible and... Well, fun. I seem to be humming it all the time right now...

I Don't Want To Be - Gavin DeGraw
The theme song from my favourite programme at the moment - One Tree Hill. Yes, it's really only the chorus that I like (as is natural with themes) but that's okay 'cos there's very little verse. Kinda reminds me of Bon Jovi in their old days.

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