Monday, September 6

Seven Days...

So I finally watched the wedding video/media catalogue which apparently included someone I was to check out. Hmm. I wonder if the palms of their hands itch or they sneeze or something when people are pimped in this fashion?

Now obviously I'm not going to post any findings here, but needless to say a video was never going to be that influential in any decision I made regarding going forward. My lunch guests (y'know, safety in numbers and all that) seemed impressed - and we know that's all that matters in these things. That's a joke.

It was still a bit odd though - and I fear that it'll be pretty difficult to approach the whole thing as objectively or at least as normally[1] as I'd like. But then perhaps one isn't expected to...

[1]Yeh yeh, I know what you're thinking - like I have a "normal" approach to women. Ha Ha. But you know what I mean.


  1. Anonymous17:07

    Spammy, why cant you "post your findings here"?

  2. spammy, what is this seven days business? explain plz...