Thursday, September 16

FAO: Mochano - Atrium Girl

Don't say that I never do anything for you:

Isn't technology wonderful? This photo alone was brought to you by a combination of a cameraphone, mobile e-mail and a remote desktop.

For those wondering about the background of Atrium Girl: The building in which I work is pretty strange since it has a "hole" in the middle. It allows us, perhaps unwisely, to see the floors below. And that's where Atrium Girl happens to work.

She's too far for me to make out whether she's fit or not, but that's a good thing since at least for now I can imagine that she is. And today, she's wearing boots.

On a more serious note (for the girls really): The pic wouldn't have been taken let alone posted if I had any doubt that it wouldn't have been of any decent quality or resolution. So please don't go kicking me in the nuts or anything the next time you see me...


  1. Beth, Tabby,

    is /that/ thing in the picture a girl?