Tuesday, September 21

Dessert Of The Day: Sainsbury's Caramel Panna Cotta

Some of you may know that I love my after dinner desserts. So what better place to write what I actually scoff on than my blog?

Today was a Caramel Panna Cotta. "A creamy Italian dessert with a sweet caramel sauce" it says. It comes in a pack of two, and is suitable for vegetarians. Top three ingredients are: Cream, Glucose Syrup and Water. The nutrition info (per 120g pot) is as follows: Energy - 1271kJ (304kcal), Protein - 3g, Carbs - 41.5g (Sugars - 27.6g), Fat - 15.7g.

If you've ever had caramel dessert then you'll know what this is like. Having said that this is probably the best caramel dessert I've had.

Yummy score: Mmmmmmmmm.

EDIT: Oh dear. I've just realised this particular dessert contains alcohol. Oh bum. Great way to start Dessert Of The Day, eh? For the non-Muslims interested I have a pot going for free...

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  1. Panna cotta mmmmm "cream of the mountain"

    Most decent Italian desserts have at least a little alcohol (this coming from someone whose grandmother laces her sponge cakes in drambuie) so even if it doesn't mention it in the ingredients you're gambling .... which makes it twice as bad ;)