Wednesday, September 22

Spammy's Choice(s): The Girls Of One Tree Hill

The best thing on television at the moment also has the prettiest cast. For those yet to be enlightened OTH is basically Dawson's with basketballs.

Lucas and Nathan are arch-rival half-brothers, a result of Nathan's father's "games" when he was younger. Peyton was Nathan's girlfriend, but they broke up due to her growing attraction to Lucas. However her best friend Brooke moved in first and is now an item with the guy (UPDATE: In today's ep, Peyton copped off with Lucas - but don't worry, they stopped before it got too far). Haley is Lucas's best friend but is now going out with, you guessed it, Nathan. Oh and Karen, Lucas's single mother, has a fancy for Keith, Dan's (that's Nathan and Lucas's dad by the way) brother. And the two brothers play Basketball. It's great, really it is.

Anyway this is Spammy's Choice so you'll be wanting some pictures. In no particular order:

Hilarie Burton (Peyton, the pretty one with the attitude)

Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley, the smart one who happens to be pretty too)

Sophia Bush (Brooke, the pretty yet sexy kitten). I don't like that picture myself but the one I used has been pulled or something.

Sigh. So many girls, so little time... Hopefully this won't become a habit.


  1. i think that bethany is hot, but cant say the same thing about the other two, im afraid.

  2. im impressed mochano, im impressed.