Tuesday, September 14

I Am a Freak: Addendum

It has come to my attention that in my last article my use of words like "screwed up" and "freak" may have been misinterpreted by those reading as me being negative about myself. The article wasn't supposed to be and the words were merely a reflection of the slang used at the time of the discussion - I dunno, perhaps I should've paraphrased or used neutral words like "unique" more.

So let me assure you: I feel lucky that I was raised how I was, and I'm certainly proud of how I've turned out. And yes, I'm sure I'm not that unique or strange. I wouldn't change a thing - and that on some level was the real point of what I had wrote.

So please enough of the "Hey Shak... I don't think you're screwed up at all". Now that's depressing.

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