Thursday, June 30

Madagascar, Day Seven: Having a... "Whale" of a Time

So it turns out that whale watching is not as exciting as it sounds. Don't get me wrong: seeing one you realise how massive and amazing they are, but after the tenth whale it's all pretty much the same.

I guess people really go to witness a breach (when a whale overshoots the surface and leaves the water) or two and the distant one that I caught was quite spectacular. Still I did manage to fall asleep during our tour; quite an impressive feat considering how choppy the sea was.

After lunch we took a walk around the circumference of Ile Aux Nauts.

The 6.2km took around two hours and was mostly comprised of gorgeous beaches but we did also check out the lighthouse and spend some time in the village.

I even got the cliched shot of black shoeless village kids playing football.

After catching an amazing sunset we retreated back to La Petite for dinner - the discussion over food was regarding how little people around here need to be happy, something I definitely already had an opinion on. Oh and the after dinner game was dice, something I've promised myself to teach to as many people as I can.

Compared to the rest of the holiday, it doesn't seem that we got much done today, and yet I feel the time spent was well utilised. I guess I've become used to the pace of island life and how things like walks and talks can be just as fulfilling as a movie or party. We're grabbing an early end to day, in preparation for our last day tomorrow. Although I'm quite sad about having to leave, a part of me feels its time to head home.

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