Saturday, June 4

Afifa and Faisal

If we go by Wikipedia's definition, Afifa was pretty much as metaphorically the girl next door as she was literally for my family and me. But apart from fulfilling the cultural image that is imposed on brown girls, she also managed to accomplish everything else too.

So, yes: smarts, wisdom and personality are all in check with Afifa, and when I say she's clever I don't just mean academically - she is one of the few people (guy or girl) who has the ability to stop me dead in my tracks during a debate. I think it's fair to say that she isn't ugly either. In fact, she's ample proof that Spammy's Second is actually a load of tosh.

But it's really her more "everyday" qualities which I find to be the most impressive: her patience, humour and how easy going and welcoming she is. It wasn't long after we first spoke that I was permitted to infiltrate her family and friends, all of whom are equally as ace as she is.

I can't say I know much about Faisal per se but since it usually follows that awesomeness only finds company in awesomeness, I have no doubt that he is in fact awesome. And although his brother's speech tonight was hilarious it was also indicative how solid the values Faisal hold are. And then of course that he gave up his top end sports car for something a little more... domestic post-nuptials is the ultimate sign of love and sacrifice for a woman and something that makes him better than most men ever will be.

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