Tuesday, June 21

Downtime: From Volcanoes to Waterfronts

Since we had some free time between wedding events and diving school we were taken to Trou aux Cerfs to spend a couple of hours in the afternoon. This is a dormant (as opposed to extinct) volcano overlooking the town of Curepipe, but for all intents and purposes it was a novelty park in which to chill out. In fact after circumventing the crater and playing on the public gym (which pretty much consisted of some pull up bars and a decline bench), we simply sat and just enjoyed the serenity of the place. Thinking back, that's quite ironic considering how, technically, the volcano could have still erupted at any point.

On the way home we stopped by what I can only describe as a house with a shop window in its kitchen to buy some awesome samosas and dhal puri. I mention this here because it's so close to the volcano that it should be a obligatory stop during any visit. Make sure you include it in any plans.

Dinner was back in Le Caudan Waterfront, a cute[1] little development on the Port Louis harbour. We spent some time before our reservation walking around the area - I was surprised how quiet it was but I'm guessing that was mainly due to it being a weekday evening. It was vibrant enough though and I could imagine spending a lot of time hanging out with friends in a place like that... but in the back of my mind I did suddenly appreciate London and the myriad of options it has.

All in all today was a pleasant distraction from all the other things happening during our stay in Mauritius. While planning the trip I had a fear that we wouldn't have much to do after the wedding, but today I realised that Mauritius is less about finding things to do and more about enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and climate. In fact I don't think we would have had much of a problem spending two weeks here at all.

[1] Yes, I know: terribly patronising. But it was.

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