Saturday, June 11

Food: Jamie's Italian Click for more info

Jamie's Italian had long been on my list of places to check out. Between the personal recommendations and locality to work it seemed like a no-brainer really; I just never had the chance until today. We went for an earlyish noon pre-party lunch and I was hoping it would fit right into the context of requiring a quick and easy bite to eat.

Although the experience was decent enough, I came away from Jamie's feeling quite disappointed, and that on many levels. I found it to be pricey, the food not special enough (and certainly not "enough" full stop) and the service inconstant (so brilliant at times, lacking during others). On the other hand the vibe and atmosphere was quite attractive - but I go to a restaurant for the food, not just to look at nice decoration.

Ultimately I found Jamie's to be more about style than substance and since there are so many other options in the area offering much more it's quite difficult for me to recommend this place.

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  1. Dude - do you know of any decent halal Italian restaurants?