Sunday, June 26

Madagascar, Day Three: The Indiri

It turned out that sleeping under nets in a lodge in the middle of a jungle with no electricity wasn't that bad and the good rest I managed to get meant that even 5am wasn't too early to get up for. It was actually quite nice to have breakfast by candlelight.

Most of the morning and early afternoon was spent on the various trails Andasibe was offering. After a slow start and a lot of trekking, we finally managed to see some animals: Indiri (lemurs), Babakoto and Diadamed Sifaka were all spotted and photographed.

But if I'm quite honest I enjoyed the actual trekking itself too. We also went to see a waterfall and pool, but I declined the offer to take a dip in it.

We also spotted a chameleon after a bit of effort. Here is it if you wanted to play too:

On the way back to the lodge we spotted something we were least expecting to - a random mosque in the village we had spent some time in yesterday (map here).

Just seeing it got us excited, and we explored a little to see if we could find anyone to talk to. Unfortunately we had already missed the congregational prayer, but we did find some kids loitering around who pointed us in the direction of an alleged halal restaurant. After offering our own prayers, we headed there only to find that the amusingly literally named "Halal Restaurant" was closed.

Since we had gotten quite a lot done today, we decided to adjust our itinerary and head back to Tana a night early, a collective sigh of relief confirming the consensus for the change of plan. After checking into our new hotel, the relatively luxurious Hotel Tana, we were taken to the local mosque for the night prayer. After talking to a jammat who were visiting from India we got the name of a local halal restaurant where we headed for dinner; yet another example of the Ummah style of networking in full effect.

But once again we had run out of things to do for the day. We headed back to our hotel for yet another early night.

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