Thursday, June 23

Île aux Cerfs

Now with the wedding and diving were out of the way, we finally found ourselves in a position to do some sightseeing. A much recommended option was to visit Île aux Cerfs (Deer Island in french), so we got up at the insane hour of 6am and drove the hour or so across the width of the island where we met up with some other overseas wedding guests. There were ten of us all in all, making for a party big enough to justify a private trip to the island.

I've been gagging for a boat trip since coming to Mauritius, and although this was transport rather than sailing (in that there was no opportunity to dive off the boat) I enjoyed the brief ride to the island. The island itself was very nice, with both the sand and sea providing the goods, and there was plenty of other activities too including paragliding and banana boats, albeit at rip off prices. I chose to spend the morning in a hammock, recovering from both the early start today as well as the events of the week so far. The temperature was comfortable although I did seek cover from the sun in the shade of the trees. All I needed was my book (or DS) and it would have been perfect.

Lunch was provided as part of the trip; fully halal, we had chicken, sausages and fish all cooked in the open air BBQ. It was actually quite romantic the manner in which we lunched on the beach, and it was by far my favourite part of the day. After a dessert of BBQ'd caramelised bananas, we spent a little more time on the beach while waiting for our boat back to the mainland. Our last stop was up to a waterfall, just beyond the place where we got on the boat this morning. This was more of a bonus than a must see sight, and although it was nice enough we didn't spend that much time there.

Heading back to our point of departure, I suddenly realised that the island trip today marked the beginning of the end of our time in Mauritius, particularly as we bid farewell to our co-guests. We had dinner plans with other friends tonight, and of course the whole day tomorrow to do stuff, but despite that it almost felt like we were unwinding our trip as a whole as we made our way back to the eastern side of Mauritius.

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