Friday, June 24

Madagascar, Day One: Change Is Good?

The biggest problem I have with two-phase trips like this one is how difficult the change can be. In fact I quickly added myself to the list of people who recently asked "why are you going to Madagascar?" as I got of the airplane this morning. I was especially depressed (and expect to be for a few more days) due to how much of an amazing time we had in Mauritius the previous week. It had even been suggested that we do Madagascar before the wedding in order to use the latter as a climbdown, but that plan didn't quite work out.

But it was only the first day and I'm sure things will change after a couple of days. Although being asked for a "gift" at immigration didn't help improve matters. And to top it off, my mouthwash had leaked in my suitcase. On the other hand our hotel was pretty decent in a rustic way. It was time to ignore my misgivings and embrace the place Iw as going to spend the next week in.

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