Wednesday, June 29

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I never assumed I was alone or unique in my distaste for Facebook, so I share the joy of Randall in his comic below:

Of course the really sad fact is that Google+ will be just as lame as Facebook is. The problem is in the attitude, not the technology.


  1. sirens23:47

    f u h8 fcbk so mch why dnt u leav it? u hve 1000000000s f m8s n thr nd cmplain. ur al tlk dude!

  2. Sirens,

    Because sometimes in life you have to be a part of things you don't like much. It's call being part of a society. So it's precisely because of these friends and their choice of using it as a method to contact me that I can't leave it.

    Hope that helps :)

  3. sirens23:56

    bllsht. u lke 2 hv ur fingas n al da pies nd thn prtnd u dnt lke it.eithr gt of fcbk o stp goin abt it!!!!!!

  4. Siren,

    Mmm. Pies.

  5. sirens00:11

    Hmmm.avoidn d tpic

  6. ...and I just finished watching apprentice. And more pies!

    Acually, on the point of facebook if friends really needed to contact you they could e-mail you? or heck even call you!

    What sort of friends would they be if they couldn't contact you unless it was facebook? :s

  7. Asikha,

    Why do they have to be friends? What about the cousin of a friend who sees me on their cousin's friends list? And what if I didn't actually *give* someone my number?

    That's the beauty of social networking, and why I'm still a participant. I think it's a duty to make myself accessible in that way (again, not that I'm popular or anything).

    And finally, sometimes communication is about negotiating the medium itself. Yes, I have explicitly told people to use the email address on my info page, but their choice to use FB is just as correct as mine is not to.

    Put it this way, I wouldn't expect someone to disconnect their phone because they don't like to talk on it.

  8. because you called them friends? ^^

    But I see, potential friends...networking. In that respect LinkedIn is lame. No one seems to contact me to offer me a job :(

    Oh you missed this one. Thought it was rather clever