Saturday, June 25

Madagascar, Day Two: Andasibe

Despite the cold night and the hard bed, I managed to sleep through the night okay. This was a good thing, since the morning was all about getting to our first real destination: the national park, Andasibe.

After a three hour drive we arrived at our lodge where we checked in, planning to stay there for two nights. Since we still had a large chunk of the day left, we ventured out hoping to make a start on the national park itself. This plan was put to bed quickly as we were advised that it was a little too late to catch any real chance of seeing animals.

At a loss for things to do, we decided to check out the village nearby. This didn't take up as much time as we would have liked it to, and after lunch we headed back to the lodge and were back by 4pm feeling slightly dejected, homesick and, for me at least, suddenly missing of Mauritius. The time we had before dinner was filled with those old school ways of passing time; word games, DS and just chatting. Unfortunately none of us had any playing cards. Dinner was a saving grace, and consisted of amongst other things an excellent pea soup.

We grabbed an early night and tucked ourselves in under our mosquito nets.

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