Friday, July 1

Madagascar, Day Eight: Backtracking

It's Friday, and so again today was mostly about joining in with Jummah prayers. Since I had already done the groundwork earlier in the week this was less of a hassle than we were expecting it to be a month ago.

Since we didn't know the local timetable we erred on the side of caution and got there early, taking the opportunity to talk to some of the locals. The mosque (again, map here) soon became full though, and the congregation became pretty serene and engaged once the khutba (sermon) started. After the proceedings and prayer we spoke to some more local Muslims including the imam (who didn't really speak much English).

The rest of the day was pretty routine - lunch at La Petite and then the catching of our flight back to Tana. A local friend my travel companions made during our previous time here took us for dinner and then to our hotel in the town, where we were going to sleep for the last time before starting our journey home.

The cross continent backtrack had begun.

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