Monday, July 4

Madagascar, Day Eleven: Hellos and Goodbyes

It's a testament to how much of a great time we had here a week ago how glad we were to be able to spend a bonus day in Mauritius. Of course anything would have been better than Madagascar, particularly the last couple of days, but we were more than happy to be back anyway.

That said there really isn't much to report today aside from the extreme welcome and love of our Mauritian hosts. We even managed to catch that meal at Nando's that we missed out on during out main stay. The rest of the day was filled with family fun as we sipped on coconut water and did some local shopping.

So spending a day here was surreal but in a good way; as if we were being given it for free. I was caught smiling to myself more than once, each time as I considered the events of the past few days. Having to spend a day here definitely made up for the 48 hours before we arrived.

Saying goodbye was equally surreal, yet the repetition and familiarity reassured me that I would be meeting these guys again, be that in Mauritius or elsewhere. I can't wait.

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