Sunday, July 3

Madagascar, Day Ten: Now I Know How Jack and Kate Felt

I'm not even supposed to be writing a post today.

On the bright side, everything in terms of accommodation, transfers and food has been arranged. But other than waiting for mealtimes there is nothing else for us to do except hang around in the hotel waiting to be taken to the airport. We did venture out for a bit (looking for socks of all things) but otherwise we are totally in limbo. At least we have wifi.

The afternoon was spent in the airport, where we discovered that our flight was to leave at 6. That didn't leave much time for use to catch our connection from Mauritius, but it was still possible.

Of course such thoughts turned out to be wholly optimistic as we were delayed once again by one hour. At this point we were desperate to leave Tana - anywhere would have done and plans to fly to South Africa, France, Kenya and even Reunion Island were all tabled.

Despite knowing we would miss our flight to London tonight, we were all pretty ecstatic once we eventually took off. A night in Mauritius now seemed like a reward for all we had been through and we didn't even mind having to spend yet another day on our journey home; anything to get off Madagascar.

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