Monday, July 11

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Although I found this insightful at first, today's Indexed has got me struggling a little now:

The thing is I don't know if I'm an extrovert or introvert. I tend to do relatively okay in crowds and with new people, yet I am almost certainly anti-social (I constantly tell my friends how I plan to dump them after I marry) and prefer to stay indoors than out.

Apparently ambivert is used to describe those who express both, but I suspect that implies balance rather than mutuality. Although who said they were mutually exclusive anyway?

What might be easier to figure out is how lonely I am. Everyone say "aww".


  1. Surely your MBTI type will tell you! (Although I really don't have time for that nonsense!)

  2. Zainab04:30

    I agree with Big O. It is a lengthy test, but as a high schooler at the time, I found the results to be illuminating. I'm an INTP, for the record. Give it a go!

  3. personality13:08

    try it. mine was 100% spot on!

  4. personality13:12

    whilst ur at it try this test as well! if anything, thyre fun 2 do!

  5. All,

    I've done these tests and see them as useful as horoscopes - ambiguous enough for you to see yourself in any of the results. I'll give the link above a go anyway and report back the results.

  6. I'm ENTJ, whatever that means:

    moderately expressed extravert, slightly expressed intuitive personality, moderately expressed thinking personality, moderately expressed judging personality

  7. That second test is $6. You're not a spambot are you personality? I may have to delete your, and my following, comments if so.

  8. personality12:40

    am nt a SPAMBOT whtvr tht is!!!!