Wednesday, July 6

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Finally! The reason I can't stand having lie ins:


  1. sirens23:44

    nd u no dis how? Hv u styd n bed al dy wth the 1 u luv?

  2. Sirens,

    Although you almost make a good point, I don't really need to by virtue of the Venn diagram. Put another way: that other circle to the right is irrelevant to the one on the left. Of course I could hate the intersection on the right too, but as you point out I can't say either way. But I can comment on the one on the left.

    Hope that helps :)

  3. sirens23:51

    tht mks no sens. i rekn u lke 2 tlk jst 4 d sake f it! srry. my tke n ur blog. u go arnd in circls al d tyme.

  4. Sirens,

    No need to apologise. I found Venn diagrams quite tricky to understand at first too. If you put in a little time and effort I'm sure you'll figure them out though.

  5. sirens00:00

    ooo hita nerv der!!!! chil owt dude nd stp tkn lyfe to sriousli. gt urslf a gurl nd gt n wid xpirirncin lyfe rarthe thn gessin wht its al abt. peac owt.

  6. Sirens,

    Venn diagrams should totally be taken seriously. No jokes.

  7. sirens00:09

    ura jke i fink!!!