Tuesday, October 31

One Thousand Posts of Inanity

Well, apparently, this is my one thousandth post (although that may not be entirely accurate since I have a few draft posts knocking about which may contribute to that number).

So yes, yet another milestone. Of course it's nowhere near the dizzying heights reached by my BBC ALMB postcount (which exceeded an extremely sad 13k) but then the natures of the two are very different I guess.

Here's to another thousand, who knows if I'll make it to that milestone, hope you all enjoyed the first grand, etc etc.


  1. congrats! and of course radio shak will go on..right?

    but hey im pretty disappointed [ and surprised]..i mean ive clocked just over 600 posts and i started almost a yr after you.

    hmm mind you, i am unbeatable (in the "quantity over quality" race).