Sunday, October 22

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Well it was just a matter of time really. That's right, a bunch of guys and girls from ICSS and its two sister schools have been asked to create and host an Eid Show, due to be broadcast live on the telly. It's on one of those cheapo low bitrate, high channel number and magic background jobbies a la Vectone and the like, but we're all working very hard to put it together anyway. And yes, I'll be personally hosting a call-in competition during the latter half of the show.

I don't seem to be feeling the nerves at the moment, which is strange considering that this is going out to Europe to an apparent viewership of 100,000. Rehearsals have been going alright, but then this is live and further with children so anything could happen really. Finally I have realised my dream (see here, here and here).

I know that this will be terribly exciting for some you, so just in case you find it difficult to control yourself here are some humble requests:

  • DO watch the show on SKY channel 825.
  • DO get your younger kids and cousins to call in (number to come).
  • DO continually e-mail us on, starting NOW.
  • DO NOT take the mickey out of us on air.
  • DO take the mickey off air.
  • DO tell those you know will be interested but won't get a chance to read this till Tuesday about the show.
  • DO tell your friends and family to give us a look.
  • DO contact the producers of the channel and tell them what a fantastic job you thought we all did.
So yes, please do watch and contribute tomorrow. The real driver for some parts (like the segment I'm hosting) depends heavily on people calling in, so if you see us struggling with that we'd appreciate it if you picked up the phone. And hey, you get to see me wearing JEANS with a KURTA. Oh dear!

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