Saturday, October 28

Film: Saw III Click for more info

It feels like yesterday that I was writing about Saw 2, and then too reminiscing about the first Saw. It's actually been a year, but unlike the first sequel the third in the series seems to have run out of steam.

Which is a shame. If you read my reviews of the first two films you'll know how much I enjoyed them for being so fresh and different, so it was always a tall order to follow it up. But seeing as how they had already done it twice already, I was hoping that the filmmakers would have held out for a third.

Alas it was not to be. Saw III seems to have left the slick, intelligent thrill for something much more blatantly and intentionally gruesome, shocking and as a result, cheap. It still passes as a strong enough film, but seeing as how it follows so closely on from the first two it's difficult not to judge it on the bar which they had set.

Still it's nice to watch it for completion's sake, and if you were a fan of the first two then you kinda owe it to yourself and those that brought them to watch this too. On the flip side if you've never really cared for the Saw franchise then I can't quite think of anything here that will interest you at all.

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  1. *puke* dont ever have a Ben & Jerry's hot fudge sundae just before watching SAW III- i felt sick :-(