Monday, October 30

Film: The Last Kiss Click for more info

If you took Closer and bathed it in sugar and candy floss you'd probably end up with something resembling The Last Kiss.

That's not to say it was a bad film. Quite the opposite actually; it's certainly the best film I've seen post-Ramadhan. Sure, it's a bit shallow and lacks substance, but that only serves to make it more accessible than other films that might deal with the infidelity and the breaking down of relationships.

It's also worth noting that this film isn't entirely about a 29 year old Michael (Zach Braff) going after college student Kim (an unusually unattractive Rachel Bilson) - not that I was too disappointed with that. Ahem. There are more than a couple of relationships dissected here, each with their own qualities and so somewhat balancing what the film has to say about the whole subject matter.

So, not as dark or gritty as other films but benefiting precisely because of that, I'd recommend this for anyone looking for something easy going, yet far reaching enough to keep you genuinely interested.

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  1. I vote for shak to host that film review program thingy they show on the BBC next year!