Tuesday, October 3

Need Sleep

Generally I'm quite tolerant of a lack of basic human needs like food and stuff. However something I really need is consistent sleep. Something like eight hours (plus or minus fifteen minutes) is about right, and I have to wake up before 9am.

Any less than that and I suffer. And more surprisingly anything more that that and my day becomes pretty bad too. Good, quality and consistent sleep is vital for me and if I don't get it my conversation and social skills fall to an even lower level, my work suffers and I generally perform badly in all respects.

My longest stretch without sleep clocked at around fifty hours or so. I was on an overnight flight back home from Hong Kong, and had uni the morning I landed. That was a very weird experience, and I'm at one point I was seeing myself in the third person.

More recently fasting has been taking it's toll, and I've been suffering from sleep deprivation more than from the lack of food and water. It's not as bad as I described above, but I have begun hallucinating (like imagining things happening in the corner of my eye) and hearing voices. It's all very surreal. Still, at least I haven't blacked out, fallen asleep standing or anything like that yet...

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