Wednesday, October 4

Desperate Housewives Ruined My Life

So, according to my mum the reason why I'm not married yet is because I watch Desperate Housewives. Now, she didn't mean in the sense that "no girl in their right mind would want to marry me 'cos of my taste in television" (although I guess she might have had more of a point if she did), but more since it fills me with weird ideas and impressions which are directly keeping my mind closed to the whole deal.

This accusation both shocks and insults me. I mean, sure, Eva Longoria is pretty but it's not like I'm not holding out for someone who looks like her. And, alright, I admit that was in love with Teri Hatcher but only during her time in The New Adventures of Superman, just like any other straight guy (and a few not so straight) was too, but I'm so over her now. In fact, if anything, the marriage Felicity Huffman's character Lynette is in is a brilliant example of how to run a flawed marriage perfectly successfully.

My mum is way off the mark with this one. No, if anything, it's stuff like OTH and Veronica Mars and the like filling me with the weird ideas she talks about. After all, how could I possibly now get married to anyone else other than Kristen Bell?

Mmm, Kristen.