Sunday, October 22

Further Details

The show runs from 11am till 2pm, with yours truly scheduled in for 1230pm and then again for the close at 145pm. The channel is on SKY 825.

The number to dial in on is 020 7908 7290. Even if you're not around during the call in slots, do anyway and someone will hopefully take a message. Well, that's the plan anyway... And remember, you can email in as well on



  1. good luck shak, im sure youll do fine(hey if it does go pear shaped, just remember how unpopular this channel is with us normal folk...just kidding of course ahem.). im just jealous really..i only wish i was presenting on tv..grrrR:@:@:!!

  2. A few comments...

    Not sure if you and a red cap are a match made in heaven.

    When a little kid is reciting the Quran, don't have your eyes darting from side to side, breaking out into a smile.

    Other than that, probably the finest debut appearance I've ever seen. (Man I can lie!)

    But no seriously, I thought you did well. You seemed to be actually enjoying yourself whereas I think in the same situation I would just have come across as petrified!

  3. hahah, ditto Os.