Tuesday, October 24

Eid Callings

I finally completed my phonelist for this year - almost a whole day after I should have. Ok, I had the television thing to distract me, but still, it's just not good enough. After last time (when I flew back from Pakistan the day after Eid), this is the second year in a row I'm late.

Eid is really the only day I can put a dent in my phone bill (only 448 minutes left) and battery (it's currently on "yellow"), and however weird it feels to only talk to some of these guys only twice a year I'm still glad I do it. I'm just sorry I couldn't get them all done on the day itself.

On the other hand it's not my fault some of you have names beginning with a letter later on in the alphabet...


  1. i never get rid of the 50 video minutes :S

  2. *it's not my fault your name starts with an "S"*

    - Yes, I kind of figured that was a big problem =P!!

    Eid mubarak Shak, hope it was good!

  3. Maybe next year you should start backwards win your phone list and start with those at the end of the alphabet! :-P

  4. From the social calling perspective it is nice to think of Eid as lasting for 3 days.


  5. ohhhhhhhhh iz tht y i was blessed enuf to get a phone call from you.. wow i was like OMG shakky calld..lol sorry too bad u never got to talk to me, but i have ure sexy voice on my voice msg bank.. hehe

    talk sn though k.. byez

  6. Sexy voice?!!? ahahahahaha- i must be speaking to some other shak then! :-P