Tuesday, July 12

Woman == Masochist

I had this extremely long freak of an eyebrow hair (we're talking like 2 cm or something silly) which just wouldn't bed down. So, sure, I had to get rid of it. Thinking that the best way would be to pluck it I set myself up with a pair of tweezers and mirror.

I lasted one tug. One unsuccessful tug. "Screw this" I thought as I resorted to scissors. Yes cutting is cowardly and cheap, but I don't care.

You women are crazy.

EDIT: Of course I couldn't just end it there. Beaten by an eyebrow? Me? No way. So soon after Maghrib I hunted down the little buggers (which was hard since they were but mere stumps at that point) and took them out with the tweezers. And it didn't even hurt; clearly a case of mind over matter.

Women are still nuts though. And please - keep any gay implications to yourself. Cheers.