Friday, July 29

Sky Gone!

After around fifteen years, Sky television has finally left the Shaikh residence. We were there since the analogue days, in the times of bashed cards and during the migration to Sky Digital.

I think it was The Simpsons that drove me to bug my dad to get it - back then I didn't really watch much telly but this particular show was the show that all the cool kids watched then. Don't have a cow, man.

Over the last fifteen years I've watched a lot of television. I think it all started with Beverly Hills 90210, moving on to Star Trek, then Friends, then Buffy and all the other popular US telly shows in between. In some ways television schedules gave some kind of structure to my day.

But now I find my interest in television (and thinking about my other childhood love, videogaming) dwindling, slowly being replaced by other activities (y'know, like going out and stuff). The few shows I do now watch I can source from elsewhere (like E4 on Freeview as well as cough splutter "friends"), and we get to save twenty quid or so per month to boot.

So anyway. Goodbye Sky. You've been my oldest friend, but alas now I must dump you. Sniff.