Tuesday, July 19

I Like Pussies

So the Khans have two new members of the family (names to be decided) and I spent the evening with them. They're ace. Excuse the asexual references to them in the following; we're not quite sure what the gender of the two kittens are yet.

Black cat is clearly the naughty one of the two. It was up for it straight away, allowing me to stroke and play as soon as I walked in. It also got bored pretty easily but we managed to coax it into jumping around and stuff. It did scratch me though, but I forgive it.

Tabby (if that's what it is) cat was the shy one. I say shy because I managed to crack its shell. It was eating out of the palm of my hand by the end of it, up to the point where it was doing all the work getting stroked - I just stuck my hand out.

Anyway, cats are cool. If only my mum wasn't so averse to the things I'd get my own.


  1. NNoooo sanny! How can you hate cats (my sister hates them too)... theyre so cute.I still want a dog though!

  2. I love cats, i love my cat. She had another fight and is bruised and cut, again! Damn those horrid tom cats after our Fizz. But she is getting old... :-(

    But my friends cat had a litter a week ago, so will be having one. :-D Funny i used to hate cats before we got our own. Maybe something to do with my uncle throwing his cat on me everytime we visited. :-(

  3. Cats are so absoulutely brill! Dogs are too easy -- "feed me, take me for a pee and a poo, and I'm yours." Whereas with cats, they're the boss and you have to work on winning them over. It's not fair that I'm so allergic to them. :-(

  4. Shak be a cat owner, but try not being an insane cat owner. Really. There are certain limits one should put on some things.
    (Examples of insanity given above)