Saturday, July 16

Saturday Gone

It just hit 6pm on a Saturday afternoon. Today's been pretty hectic, and still isn't over which means I probably won't get a chance to blog later. Here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to today.

Gym in the morning, followed by a recording session on the BBC New Talent Bus down at Chrisp Street Market (which I still pronounce like I do chirp). Yeh, I said recording session; the Beeb are looking for a new radio presenter and I've submitted a demo tape to apply. I don't think I'm entirely happy with the results (I was ermming and umming all over the place for the first half of it, but the second was much better) so I'll probably submit another one, this time recorded at home and under less stressful conditions.

I then had some lunch courtesy of the sandwich section at Tescos, where I also had a brief read of the new Harry Potter book (which I can't wait to read properly). After that I met up with the usual suspects to catch an early film (see last post), after which I'm now at home for a bit waiting before heading off to a birthday dinner.

So yes, a pretty packed day, yet strangely unfulfilling. I'm not sure why, but perhaps everything so far has been somewhat disappointing? I hope dinner makes my day, but I suspect how I feel is more to do with me than the day itself.

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  1. >>but I suspect how I feel is more to do with me than the day itself.

    What's up with you lately? Are you ok? I hope dinner was good yesterday :-)